Green STP-1 Towerpro


Innovative, cost-effective and highly efficient JAPANESE technology for wastewater treatment with nearly zero operating cost.

It uses the combination of high rate specialized anaerobic blanket with sponge media exhibiting super/highly active oxidation chamber. There is no mechanical air provided which it draws in from the atmosphere thereby removing the cost of mechanised aeration.

High rate reactors are used to retain active biomass in the reactor independently of the incoming wastewater. The system has void space of more than 97% and creates a much larger surface area along with very high and varied porosity of media that provides an excellent site for microorganisms growth as compared to the traditional biomedia.

Slow growing microbes are maintained in the reactors at high concentrations, enabling high reaction rate per unit reactor volume and high resistance of organic or hydraulic shock loads. It provides for enough self-degradation of any attached biomass reducing the production of excess sludge.

This technology exhibits longer hydraulic retention time and hence can be built in smaller area It can be used to treat wastewater from various sources and strengths like waste water from domestic sources, hospitals and even some industries like distilleries or food-processing.


  1. Trouble free operation and sustenance for 10 or more years
  2. Very compact design with much lesser land area
  3. Durable and mechanically stable media
  4. High SRT and low HRT
  5. Very limited sludge production
  6. Higher removal efficiency for organic nutrients and pathogens
  7. Simple process controls
  8. No need of forced aeration
  9. No replacement of media upto 10 years
  10. No operator required to run the plant
  11. Negligible electricity and O & M cost
  12. No sound, no vibration, no smell
  13. Plug, play and forget system.

Cost effective solutions to water and wastewater issues

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