It is the process of electro dissolution of sacrificial anodes (Al, Fe) which produces hydrolysis products thereby dest-abilizing the pollutants and reducing their relative specific weight in the wastewater i.e. it is process of dissolution of metal cations at the anode and formation of hydroxyl ions and hydrogen gas at thecathode and enhance the separa-tion process by flotation.

M → Mn+ + ne-

2H2O (l) + 2e- → 2OH- + H2 (g)

This technology has been successfully introduced in removing suspended solids, dyes, non-biodegradableimpurities, heavy metals, phosphate, fluoride, pathogens, pesticides and also natural organic matter from the wastewater.

The success and efficiency of this technology depends broadly upon:
  1. Electrode surface area
  2. Power supply vs. passivation
  3. Current density and ion dissociation
  4. Concentration and type of anions
  5. Material of electrodes


  1. Tannery
  2. Textile with all types of dyes
  3. Food industry with biodegradable impurities
  4. Paper industry having lignin
  5. Refinery industry with aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons
  6. Emulsified oil & grease
  7. Beef, chicken, pork slaughter houses
  8. General industrial
  9. Ground water clean up
  10. Heavy Metals
  11. Pre-treatment to RO
  12. Micro pollutants
  13. Pathogens
  14. Pesticides
  15. Pharmaceuticals
  16. Radioactive isotopes


  1. Since no chemicals are needed, there is no chance of secondary pollution due to high concentration of chemicals
  2. Gas bubbles produced from EC facilitates the removal of pollutants by floating them on top of the solution so they can be easily collected.
  3. No anions are left behind to increase osmotic loading on downstream processes. Even the smallest colloidal particles are removed by EC since the applied electric current makes collision faster and facilitates coagulation
  4. Flocs formed by EC are much larger and more stable; hence they are easily separated during filtration.
  5. EC produces much lesser volume and more stable and non-toxic sludge
  6. Breaks oi l emulsions, removes complex organics
  7. Removes suspended and colloidal solids
  8. Easily operated due to its simplicity
  9. BOD and COD removal: > 70%
  10. Treated water is clear, colorless and odorless.


  1. Fully assembled skid mounted unit with inlet/outlet & backwash connections
  2. Minimal waste Disposal since no additional chemicals are added
  3. Our design cannot be damaged by operator error or process upset.
  4. Minimal operator requirements
  5. Minimal maintenance
  6. Low operating cost
  7. Treats wide range of contaminants

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