Green STP-2 Plant based Decentralised STP

Plant based Decentralised STP

This is natural biological approach to domestic wastewater treatment and is highly effective and simple to operate systems to treat water to a quality suitable for safe environmental disposal or reuse and is carbon neutral.

It is based on different natural, no electricity, no regular chemical based treatment techniques, put together in different combinations customized to the requirement and objectives to be achieved.

This systems includes

  1. Primary pretreatment,
  2. Secondary anaerobic baffled reactors along with settlers and filters
  3. Tertiary root zone/aerobic treatment in planted gravel filters or reed bed
  4. Polishing Ponds


  1. Disposes human waste in a 100% ECO friendly manner.
  2. 100% maintenance free, continuous biological process.
  3. Complete elimination of pathogens.
  4. No use of energy sources.
  5. No disposal of sludge is required.
  6. Conserves water, energy and environment
  7. Economically viable.

Cost effective solutions to water and wastewater issues

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