Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

As your partner to corporate commitment to protect environment, we offer techni-cally and economically efficient solutions to treat the industrial waste water of any types and level of impurities.

We offer packaged ETP with nitrification & de-nitrification.

The choice of treatment stage compris-es of physio chemical treatment, anoxic bio-reactor, fluidized bed aerobic bio-re-actor (FAB) and other advanced waste-water treatment strategies for recovery, reuse and recycling.


  1. Gravity Separator to remove suspended oil & grease floating matters
  2. Primary Sedimentation to remove the heavy grit particles, suspended solids.
  3. Chemical Treatment to remove higher Organic load, metals etc.
  4. Biological Treatment to remove organic matter
  5. Advance Sludge Separation to achieve solid Liquid separation
  6. Advance Filtration system to remove the suspended Solids, organic matter.
  7. Ozonization to remove organic matter.
  8. UF+RO to achieve zero discharge norms (If required)


  1. Automobile Industry
  2. Chemical Industry
  3. Metal Pretreatment
  4. Electroplating
  5. Pharmaceutical
  6. Textile
  7. Paper Mills
  8. Dairy Plants
  9. Sugar Mills
  10. Leather Industries
  11. Petrochemical and many more


  1. Types: Batch and Continuous.
  2. Compact and proven design
  3. Corrosion free piping & FRP Lined MS tanks
  4. Recycling of treated water is possible with advanced treatment methodology like UF and RO
  5. Very easy in operation. Any person can operate it after proper training
  6. Flexible design: upto 500 m3/day capacities in compact system.
  7. Economical plant with minimum operating cost.
  8. Quality Components
  9. Low foot print
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