Sewage Treament Plant (STP) MBBR

Sewage Treament Plant (STP) MBBR

We design, fabricate, erect and commission packaged prefabricated Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) with various technologies for treating sewage generated by residential set up within industries, large colonies, Hotels, Hospitals, IT Parks and commercial buildings. Our MBBR plants use specifically cultured bacteria on high surface through floating media and reduces the organic load by more than 90%.

The treated water can be used for gardening, floor washing, toilet flushing or disposal. It is available in sizes 5 KLD to 250 KLD.

Bigger sized STP are designed in civil works with customized approach.


  1. GENESIS MBBR significantly reduces the footprint as compared to the conventional Aerobic system
  2. High oxygen transfer capacity acquired by Bio-Films saves energy and reduces power consumption.
  3. The rotating media in systems is constantly in contact with abundant supply of oxygen and waste water. This facilitates efficient Oxygen transfer to the aeration area and ensures efficiency in the biological process.
  4. Specific settler is provided for larger settlement surface area reducing the settling time & increasing efficiency
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