Sewage Treament Plant (STP) SBR

Sewage Treament Plant (STP) SBR

We undertake turnkey project for wastewater treatment plant based on SBR technology ranging from sizes 25 KLD onwards. A sequencing batch reactor is a fill-and-draw activated sludge system with five basic steps: ‘Idle, Fill, React, Settle, and Draw’ thereby producing a high-quality effluent with a low turbidity and nitrogen levels.


  1. Equalization, biological treatment and clarification all achieved in a single reactor in a timed sequence
  2. Better aeration control, denitrification, and lower power consumption
  3. Less and simpler equipment, thus reduces maintenance
  4. Biological N and P removal without need for chemicals
  5. Automatic control system
  6. Design flexibility
  7. Simplicity of operation put operators at ease.
  8. Minimal footprints

This technology requires higher level of sophistication of timing units and controls through automation


  1. Designed with proven SBR principle with clog-free and maintenance-free
  2. Suppressed filamentous bacteria thus lower potential for sludge bulking
  3. Superior sludge settling due to bio-selector and cyclic sequences
  4. 30% less sludge production than competitor systems
  5. Easy expansion with single rectangular tank design
  6. Enhanced nutrient removal without chemicals
  7. Very low running and maintenance cost
  8. Odour free and quiet operation
  9. Lowest energy consumption
  10. Excellent effluent quality

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