Industrial Reverse Osmosis Plant
RO Plant

05 KLD TO 1000 KLD

Reverse osmosis is a process/technology in which dissolved inorganic solids such as salts, impurities such as lead, pesticides, chlorine, sugars, nitrates, sulfates and bacterial contaminants are removed effectively.The GERO series is a complete multi filtration water treatment system mounted on one skid. Manufactured by the highest quality components, all systems are designed to provide reliable, trouble free and sustained performance.


  1. 4”and 8”TFC spiral would membranes
  2. FRP membrane housing
  3. Thin film composite membranes
  4. Powder coated steel frame
  5. Heavy duty PVC pipings
  6. Automatic flush
  7. 5 micron catridge prefilter
  8. Product water flow meter
  9. Level control on/off
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