Mechanical Vapor Recompressor (Mvr Based Evaporator)


We provide the cost-effective MVR (Mechanical Vapor Recompression) equipment and technology withcustomized MVR solutions.


    Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR) is a energy-saving low-temperature evapora-tive concentration technology, which uses low-value waste steam and heat, designed on the theoretical basis of Boyle’s law which means that during compression as the volume of gas decreases, the pressure and the temperature increase thereby mak-ing available the energy for reuseAccording to this principle, the energy normally lost in the compression is recov-ered, the latent heat of steam is recycled and fresh steam consumption is avoided leading to a highly energy saving evapora-tion process.

  1. Reuses secondary steam instead of live primary steam so uses only a small amount of fresh steam
  2. Does not require a cooling tower leading to reduced costs
  3. Energy-saving, water-saving, environmentally sound, and helps with resource recycling
  4. MVR technology achieves low-temper ature evaporation, greatly reducing the impact on material
  5. Both continuous and batch mode design
  6. Smaller dimension and higher mobility


  1. Chemical industry
  2. Salt brine concentration
  3. Beverage industry like milk, juice, sugar, etc.
  4. Food industry like MSG, soy, protein, sugar etc
  5. Pharmaceutical industry concentration
  6. Textile industry

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