Sanitization of Factory/Premises


The outbreak of Covid-19 has revealed some specific characteristics of this particular virus. Though this specific virus survives on different surfaces for a varied period of time, it gets easily inactivated by chemical disinfectants

We undertake the site sanitization processes with blend of specific proven chemicals

our Key advantages for site sanitization:

  1. Correct Dilution
  2. Selective blend of chemicals
  3. Tested Mechanization
  4. Expert hands
  5. Sincere Manpower
  6. Kills Covid-19

Chemicals we use for sanitization:

  1. Benzyl Chloride
  2. Ortho Phenyl
  3. Benzylchloro Phenol
  4. Ethane Dialdehyde
  5. Propyl Alcohol

Pricing: @ Per square feet.
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