Human Sanitization Chamber


The outbreak of Covid-19 has revealed some specific characteristics of this particular virus. Though this specific virus survives on different surfaces for a varied period of time, it gets easily inactivated by chemical disinfectants

We have specifically designed the sanitization chamber/sanitization tunnel that converts the disinfectant the compound of harmless non-toxic chemicals into very fine sprays of mist that shall be spread over at a pressure into all the angles, sides and into each spaces and corners of the chamber. The fine mist of safe chemical shall effectively disinfect the entire human body within 5-10 seconds as one passes through it.

Our sanitization chamber is portable in design as plug and play system with low operation and capital cost. The disinfectant fog shall be spread in a circular direction into the entire surface area of the chamber.


  1. Costs only 1 paisa per person
  2. Total sanitization capability
  3. Engineered modular construction
  4. Does not stain clothes & body
  5. 6 sides sprays
  6. Very easy to operate
  7. Safe for skin
  8. Non flammable
  9. Non corrosive material
  10. Minimal maintenance
  11. Easy to relocate
  12. Plug and play system

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